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A Waco Area Website Service Since 1996

Our origin harkens back to a time when the World Wide Web was in its infancy, Netscape Navigator was the king of web browsers, and dial-up modems were the norm in most Texas towns. We’ve since helped companies, government entities and non-profit organizations across Texas establish and expand their web presence.

As the “old guy” in a sea of millennials we enjoy the luxury of being selective in the new projects we accept.

Texas Web Marketing is a small company that prefers to remain small. By resisting rapid growth we can continue to provide personal service to existing customers and now accept only 2-3 new clients per year — almost exclusively through referrals from existing customers.

We still enjoy challenges and will consider an occasional unique project that fits our skill sets. Contact us if you think you fit the bill. We’d loved to hear from you.



  • Experienced assistance in planning a new website or a rebuild.
  • Domain name research and acquisition.
  • Ground-up website architecture.
  • Usability testing.
  • Visitor traffic analysis.
  • Video production.

Custom Coding and Programming

  • Hand coded markup utilizing current HTML5 & CSS3 standards.
  • Responsive layout for big screen and mobile compatibility.
  • Attention to page load optimization.
  • Custom projects in JavaScript and C# on ASP.Net platform.
  • SQL database setup and management.


  • Content optimization.
  • Website speed analysis and optimization.
  • Analytics configuration and analysis.
  • Pay-per-click management (Google, Bing).
  • A/B testing for optimal conversions.

Why We Don’t Do Wordpress (and most other CMS platforms)

Simple. For the security, integrity and reputation of the customer’s website.

Most of the website companies around these days don’t know how to build a website with anything but Wordpress. Wordpress was developed for one reason only—to publish blogs. It was then hijacked and pushed as a complete website publishing platform because it didn’t require much technical know-how and, being open-source, it didn’t cost anything. This allowed just about anyone to suddenly become a “website expert” with very little effort.

Having been around longer than all the open-source platforms commonly used today we can unequivocally state that we have seen nothing get hacked or targeted for compromise more often than Wordpress sites. You scoff? Don’t take our word for it. Read the annual Website Hack Trend Report from the GoDaddy Security team.

What Can Happen If Your Site Gets Hacked?

A lot, but primarily you’re at risk for two things to happen:

  • The hacker utilizes control of the site to install malware on your visitors’ computers or steal sensitive information such as passwords. This will not endear you to your customers.
  • Your site gets blocked by a variety of different tools and companies including Google, which can mean your site disappears from search results and is not accessible from browsers such as Chrome. Your website doesn’t do much good if your customers can’t get to it.

How Are We Different?

We know this is bucking conventional wisdom—a misnomer itself these days—but we don’t use open-source CMS website platforms and the associated coding languages or plug-ins. Almost everything we do is custom built from the ground up, including the CMS if it is required. In most cases our customers have us maintain and update their websites, so a CMS is unnecessary. The closest we come to using “open-source” elements is in some of the design and theme platforms utilizing CSS and JavaScript libraries, such as the widely used Bootstrap component library.

Our Clients

We have been blessed to work with
some great companies and people over the years.